First Project of Master's Degree
Digital Design Module
University of Leeds, 2016

My individual project for the module, Digital Design, was to create a restaurant/bar chain for students. The brief was given to our class by designer Neil Fitzpatrick. Neil would also be there for the final assessment when I had to present my design to him, my tutor and the class.

I conducted my own primary and secondary research to find out what students wanted in a restaurant and bar.  My results showed they wanted to somewhere to escape from the the stress of everyday student life and somewhere to socialise and relax. 

Wanderlust (meaning a strong desire to travel), was established from my research. Discovering that students (like myself at the time) were eager to travel but could not afford it. Wanderlust acted as the second best option. Offering students food from all around the world (with great deals and affordable prices) it allowed students to have fun with their friends.

The project allowed me to use my imagination and be as creative as I wanted. I used Illustrator for the majority of the project; drawing images and creating elements to add to the main menu, in which I built in InDesign. The project also enabled me to discover new features of Illustrator and InDesign that I still use today in my job.