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Pastaio Design Competition

Personal Project, 2018

Pastaio was one of the first restaurants I visited when I first moved to London. If it wasn't for my friend's birthday, I wouldn't have followed them on Instagram and seen that they wanted one of their fellow follows to design a new menu for the London  Design Festival (thanks Dani!). 

The idea of the menu came from seeing the single bold wall mural (designed by Tom Nixon) in their restaurant and also taking their mantra "Made By Hand" (in which I hand drew all the illustrations). I then used Illustrator to add colour and shadows to add dimension to the floating pasta shapes.


I was announced as one of their running ups by their post on Instagram and was invited for a free 3 course meal for 2 and a free tote bag.   

Pastaio Menu by Becky Archer-1.jpg
Pastaio Menu by Becky Archer-2.jpg
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