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Let's Stress Less

Final Project of Master's Degree

Dissertation Module

University of Leeds, 2017

In my final term of my master's degree, I was given the opportunity to design anything that I wanted (as long as there was a specific need and a gap in the market). 

Let's Stress Less is a booklet designed to help those students who might be struggling with the day to day stresses of student life. Having been a student for 4 years, this project was very personal to me and I wanted to try and use my own experience (and research conducted by myself) to offer students guidance and support. And just to remind them that it is possible to balance social and academic life. 

The booklet was designed to help those who needed some guidance, and more importantly, to remind those who were struggling that they were never alone and to guide those to facilities on campus if they needed extra help. 

The booklet was accompanied with a stress ball, a white board to help with organisation, a healthy snack and stored in a University of Leeds tote bag (which can be used for student life such as shopping, holding books, laptop etc).   

Stress Booklet Web2.png
Stress Booklet Web3.png
Stress Booklet Web4.png
Stress Booklet Web5.png
Stress Booklet Web6.png
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