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BBC German Language Book

First Project of Master's Degree
Information Design Module
University of Leeds, 2016

My group and I were provided with a brief from the BBC, asking us to design a new language book for students learning German for the first time. We were given their current version and asked to design a cover, contents page and first unit.

Before the designing took place, we conducted our own research in order to understand our target audience. Such as observing a seminar, which students were using the current book, to understand any design problems as well as seeing what the students liked about the current issue.

We collated our findings and designed a more "modern" book by using illustrations instead of photographs. As well as this, we saw students were struggling for space to write notes around the side.

In this project, my role was to focus on the design layout. Two members of the team drew the illustrations and I formatted the text and created a layout which reflected our findings. 

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