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About Me

I graduated with a masters degree in Design from the University of Leeds in 2017, however, my undergraduate degree was from the University of Lincoln in Journalism, bit of a change wasn’t it? How did that happen?


For me, I’ve always loved design. As a teenager, I used Bebo (remember Bebo?) After school, I used to spend hours watching and reading tutorials determined to understand how to use Photoshop so I could design my own skins for my profile (kind of like a Twitter header). My friends would ask me to create skins for them, and I guess that’s where my love for design began.


Another hobby of mine was reading, especially magazines. My 13-year-old self would always be signing up to magazine subscriptions (my earliest memory being a Groovy Chick magazine). I was always drawn in to the bright colours and inviting front covers, and I still am to this today.


Fast-forward 5 years; I was at sixth form finishing my A Levels alongside trying to decide what to study at university. I remember reading the course details for Journalism at the University of Lincoln, telling me that I had the chance to create my very own magazine. The course prospects offered me a chance to showcase my previous design skills and knowledge I taught myself. With that in mind, as well as combining my previous passions, I knew that moment in time; this is what I wanted to study.


What my time at university taught me is that my passion definitely lies with design. And also, to never be afraid to admit when something isn’t right for you or if something doesn’t quite work out the way you wanted it to.  For me, as much as I loved my 3 years at Lincoln, I knew that graphic/layout design suited me so much more. So after graduating with a 2:1 in 2015, I took a year out and gained some experience in design, then packed my bags and moved to Leeds to begin my masters degree in Design.


Even though I didn’t carry journalism on as a career choice, the skills I gained during the course, such as learning InDesign and improving my creativity and imagination, were the starting point I needed to pursue a career in design.

Over the past 4 years, I have been building up my design portfolio from freelancing for the National Trust to working in the global digital and content production agency, BORN group. The experience I have gained has made me a lot more confident and in general, a much more happier person.  Meeting new people, working in a team and just being sociable are aspects of my career which I love and enjoy.


I started working for BORN group over a year ago when I was still finishing my masters degree (I can handle deadlines very well!). After 8 months working as an Artworker for our clients Punch, a layout design opportunity came up in BORN’s London office. Keen to gain as much experience as I can, I moved to London in March 2018. Today, I am now a Catalogue Designer for BORN's clients, Sotheby’s.

Alongside my full time job, I have been working on other projects (personal and freelancing). In my spare time, I love to draw and have been creating a series of phone cases (which can be seen in my porfolio). I'm always looking to do extra work to add to my portfolio and improve my skills. If you want to work with me, just click Conact Me above to start a conversation!


Yes, that is me.... 
Uganda, 2015

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